Chess World Champion told how he almost changed the sport

"Accidentally came across the Internet … and almost missed the tournament", – Thus, the Grossmaster’s acquaintance with the poker happened. This game was so captured by the Russian that he never noticed how he stayed on the screen of 12 hours or even almost missing the morning chess tournament.

Since then – it has rushed. Grishchuk is called the best poker among the chess elite. He confirms that he is already earning and poker. How much, however, does not specify. But he admits that at the start of his poker career he mostly lost.

In essence, I have been a chess and a poker professional for a long time. Played at the same time for the sake of money and satisfaction. After all, as in chess. Don’t know whether poker has somehow influenced my chess career, it’s hard to say.

Now Alexander focused on his main job – chess. In poker plays occasionally, only for fun. According to Hryshchuk, at the peak of his poker force he played very well. Russian even refused to answer what percentage of money he brought him poker and what chess. In order not to attract the attention of taxpayers once again.

Note that Alexander Hryshchuk is one of the best chess players of our times. He takes the seventh place in Fide rating and claims a match for a chess crown against Magnus Carlsen.