Poker School: Sloupley

Sloupley. Slowplay) – a tactical reception in king, the essence of which in the passive draw of the finished strong hand (check/count), in order to put the opponent trap and make him make several ponds. In essence, the Slopes are the opposite of bluff because his purpose is not to knock the opponent out of the draw, but to lure it.

When planning a sled, first of all, you need to pay attention to the style of opponent. The ideal target will be a louser and aggressive player. Such pokerists very often make ponds and can fully pay your hand. Against a tailo player should be careful because he can make checks back and receive free cards on a table that will already strengthen his hand. If the opponent is passive and accepts any bet (answering car)-it will be most advantageous not to chop, but to put every street.

For the most part, the beds are a reception for postflop, however, it can be used to distribute common cards. However, do this only with a very limited number of hands. Relatively safe such a technique will only be with pocket augers. With kings and ladies he is also possible, however, it is much more risky and is rarely justified. One way or another, the preflopa Slump makes sense only at a table with very aggressive opponents when you are sure that at least one of them will raise.