Power Treasures: an integral attribute of the game – chips

In the most popular poker series, such as WSOP or EPT, the entire arsenal of chips is measured by tens of kilograms, and their total cost is tens of thousands of dollars. After all, professional attributes of the game are made of ceramics and metal. Whereas amateur chips are made of inexpensive plastic and composites, which is why they are lighter.

However, a common feature between elite and ordinary chips still exists. It is about their color that corresponds to a certain denomination. Of course, some casino depart from standard design that will be discussed on.

Poker chips. Photo: Gamblersbargainden

In the tournament poison, you will usually not see white and red chips. Units and fives, instead, fit organically in the cache game. The chip with a face value of 25 units – green, 50 – blue, 100 – black, 500 – purple.

At the late stage of the tournament, yellow chips enter the game – 1,000 units, pink – 5,000 and orange or blue – 10,000. Active operation of large railway chips is preceded by a mandatory poker procedure-chip raise. Dealer, or the tournament manager removes from circulation "a trifle", which lost its relevance in the process of growth growth. Then chips with a small denomination exchanged for more expensive.

In large-scale tournaments, which collect several thousand players and can last up to a week, chip-raise is carried out several times. And on the final table in battle there are chips with a denomination of a million units.