Record win on online and the first Bulgarian World Champion

Stoyan Madanzhayev rewritten the story of an online cover. The Bulgarian poterist won a record prize in the history of the game on the Internet and the first of the representatives of his country won the title of champion of the main event of the world series of poker.

Main Event WSOP 2020 stretched for a few days, and the decisive jerk players made when there were only 38 poker players in the game. Only the largest optimists were put on the Madanzhiyev Stoyan. Bulgarian before this was distinguished by very modest results in online, and the sum of its common prizes in "alive" games make up modest $ 31.2 thousand.

However, it was Madanzhiev, not without the assistance of fortune, conquered the main top of this year’s WSOP. A key distribution that gave Bulgarina a second breath – doubling with A3 against A9 (Stoyan won the bank by hitting a single out). Introduced by unexpected success, Madanzhayev continued the triumphal course to the title and eventually became the author of several records in the history of online game.

First, Bulgarian won the tournament that gathered the largest guarantee in the history of poker on the Internet-$ 27,550 500. Secondly, Madanzhayev won a record prize in the history of the tournament online game-$ 3,904 685. In the end, it is obvious that this prize is the personal best achievement of the Bulgarian player as the number of opponents that managed to overcome the champion. Stoyan left behind a field of 5 801 entrances and increased his investment of $ 5,000 almost 800 times.