Tony Ji – from a poterist to deputies and vice versa

Lithuanian businessman and politician Antanas Guoga, better known under Nick Tony G (Tony G), having worked for 5 years by a deputy

The other day, Tony outlined photos taken in the process of cache game with the participation of other well-known professionals: Tom Dwana, Phil Ive, Danny Tana and Paul Fua. On the private aircraft FUA, the company traveled in Olympic Casino in Vilnius, where the main game was actually taking place.

"Great game" (Source: @tonyGuoga)

In an interview with Poker Central Tony Ji shared details of this action. They played a mix of two games, switching between Pot-Smith Omahou with a shortened deck and 5+Holdem (type of game with a shortened deck of cards that do not have spinners).

We played in cache with bay-in 1,000,000 Hong Kong dollars, it’s about $ 127,000. We had a great time and I even managed to increase my capital.

Tony Ji, Ive and Twan by Game (Source: @TonyGuoga)

As for the other stars of poker two and Ivei, Tony noted that they are both very talented pouring and, as wine, with age only the best. And yet with them a lot of fun playing.

Next time Tony Ji in the case will be possible in early 2020. It will participate in a popular series where Triton Poker banks in Manila are played out.