How to “Read” Opponents in King: Tips from German Legend

At one time, Fedor Holtz became a real poker idol, winning for a year almost everything was possible. All thanks to incredibly dense Grind and the ability to do well "read" rivals. Video with an eloquent title "I won millions thanks to these live poker tels" will come in handy for many players.

In 2016, Fedor Holtz burst into poker party with incredible results – over $ 16 million in prize in season, as a result, 10th place on the list of the most successful tournament players and history.

In the king is important details, Holtz stresses, this is both the appearance and behavior of your opponent. If you have a respectable man in unmistakable clothes, do not wait for him crazy bluffs and adventurous solutions. A big bid from such an opponent usually signals the presence of a strong hand.

Fedor Holtz / Photo Poker Central

Another telz can serve to handle a player with chips. If the stack is neatly settled on boxing, usually its owner is a taitic poker. And on the contrary, from sloppy players wait for more scaffolding. Also will not hurt to pay attention to the stenciling – the size of the rate. Slightly higher than standard – probably beet on Velia. Weaker hand – bet below the standard.

Fedor Holtz / Photo PokerNews

Study body language, continues Fedor Holtz. To give the power of the opponent’s hand will help his pulse after making a decision. A speedy heartbeat, excitement and a blurred breath usually signal bluff. If the opponent is becoming more calm every second, wait for trouble. Well another interesting observation from Fyodor Holtz. If a poterist drinks water while handing out, apparently ready to show the soady.