A lover of exquisite images of poterist Dan Kates won the prestigious Hirolery tournament

American regular expensive cache game Daniel Kates earned over $ 10,000,000 in "alive" tournaments. Also "Jungleman" Has a world series of poker in his asset. But in online dan occurs occasionally. For example, in the Super Millions event he only participated for the second time.

Bay-in tournament $ 10,300 gathered 179 entrances. Hirolers fought for a prize fund of $ 1,790 000. Dan Kates went out at the final table with a stack nearly 26 BB and was located on the 7th line of chip caunta.

The final table began very cheerfully. In the first three crash players three times exhibited but no one flew. The first star company finalists left the famous Stripmer and professional Benjamin Roll. Following "Bencb789" went to rest his Brazilian abuser Rodrigo Sirichuk. Then one of the richest poker planet flew out Justin Bonomo, which started the finale with the smallest stack.

Only after that came the star time of Daniel Kates. "Jungleman" Twice in a row received a pocket pair of aces and Alll-ins from opponents. So only for 2 handling he "Removed" From the tournament Juan Pardo and "Zombie chow", Having captured chip leadership. In the hedz-opa, the American met with Vistbroda. Starting a duel with a slight advantage, Kates dealt with the opponent in 15 minutes.

Super Millions winner’s debut title brought American poker-about $ 363,836.