The British with a good health lost to a couple of $ 25,000

Max has long been looking for interesting motivations in order to do sports. High Briton had a noticeable extra weight, at the peak he weighed 109 kg. Silver first (nearly 5 million prize in live tournaments) was fighting for an institution with his friend. The essence is: who will lose more subcutaneous fat in three months – get $ 10,000. That couple Max lost.

And already on WSOP-2019 Briton invented a new trial. He argued with another professional poker John Jujanda (25 million prizes in living tournaments) that he will be able to learn to pull up 20 times in a year. Note that at the time of the agreement Silver could not tighten up and once.

The gentlemen hit the hands and the Briton got to work. He actively reported on his training on social networks. Successes, however, were frankly modest. Max was able to do his first tightening in six months-in January 2020.

But the diet and constant workouts allowed the porester to lose weight (by which he won another couple, which he concluded after the agreement with Jujanda).

In the end, diligent work still gave its fruits. On the day of X -Silver Ix weighed 80 kg. And was able to make 18 pull -ups. By this result the Briton was satisfied.

25,000 dollars that were at stake pair, Juanda and Silver eventually decided to give up for charity.