Cower for gentlemen: Rules of etiquette at the game table

Playing poker, first of all tournament, takes a lot of effort and time. Therefore, the players have to literally go away from the cashier, thirst and hunger. However, agree that the presence of dishes on the game table or even the food itself will not contribute to pouring appetite.

Poker for gentlemen. Photo: CardPlayer

And communicating a dealer with a player with a stuffed mouth – satisfaction is doubtful. Also, do not forget that you are constantly in contact with the canvas of the table, chips and cards, and the remnants of fat, or sticky spots of poker ammunition to nothing.

50 grams for bravery

In addition to poker gourmets, you can also meet a strong -haired fans. The regulations of most alcohol drinking games are not forbidden. However, all has its own limit. A player who overestimates his or her own physical capabilities, of course, is forced to leave the table.

Poker for gentlemen. Photo: PokerNews

But there are also strong nuts that remain with memory, but instead spoil the nerves to opponents. Aggression, constant chats and slow reaction of the guy "oiled" no one will be to the liking.

"Sharp" tongues

The previous category of players is also prone to strong statements. At the poker table of obscene swearing no place. Any player can make a lucky remark and the representatives of Themis have every right to apply penalties to him.

Emotional statements, however, not the biggest verbal problem at the poker table. Often a player with a suspended tongue and not the best upbringing tries to bring the opponent out of balance before an important solution. Inappropriate jokes, voice reflections, psychological pressure, or veiled images can turn you into a regular fan for a while.

Poker for gentlemen. Photo: USAONLINECASINO


Power players often come with little helpers who do not allow them to be shot or can hide their emotions. Headphones, tablets, hats, sunglasses, bandans, hoods, and nowadays hygienic masks, far from a complete list of attributes that form a poker image.

However, players often forget that these decor elements can interfere with the uninterrupted and rapid process of play. A player who sat at a table at "All -arms", distracted by extra moments, often not hearing dealer, or for a long time decides. So if you don’t imagine your game without masking, make sure your bow "will not be tortured" Eyes to others.

Poker for gentlemen. Photo: Pokerstrategy

Time is money

Unlike an online cover, at the real table the dynamics of the game is not so high. However, some pokerists are openly abusing time to make a decision. In a living game, such tricks often get out of impatient pointers who have every right to seek the help of a time bank.

In fact, you do not violate the rules, because you eventually make a decision before completing the allotted time reserve. However, systematic abuse of this technique will not decorate your game at all and make rivals hostile to your person.