Neymar was almost disqualified in the world series of poker

Recently Neymar made his debut in the world series of poker, joining the holders of the Hold-Bay-in tournament with $ 10,000. The debut came out no better – 58 place among 92 participants.

Brazilian football player has now appeared on WSOP. Now Neymar has tried happiness in a one-day tournament with Holdm in Turbo format for $ 1,000. Competition was serious – 2 227 entrances.

Brazilian was successfully going during the tournament, keeping a good stack on the eve of the prize stage. On Babbib, the casino administration asked the players to stay near their tables, and all the audiences leave the hall. This is a normal procedure to control synchronous distribution.

Excited by the prospect of earning his first prizes on WSOP, Neymar did not pay attention to ad and went to talk with his friends. The employee of the security service of the hall who diligently performed his duties approached them and said: "Sorry guys I have to get you out". – "But I play", Neymar answered confusedly.

Fortunately, the situation was quickly resolved and the star football player returned to his place. Neymar continued to play, passed a decent distance and finished on 49 place. His first prize in the world series of poker made $ 3,959.