Laura Prepon: As a well -known actress is related to poker

Laura Prepon is an American actress, director and screenwriter who worked as a model in the largest cities in the world. Alex Wauz in the series has gained its popularity "Orange – the hit season" and Donna Pinsiotti in the Sitcom "Show 70s".

Free from shooting time Laura Prepon devotes a fisherman, riding a motorcycle and playing poker. She often arranged home tournaments and participated in a variety of charity events. She did not overlook the world series of poker, where he competed in 2004.

Laura Prepon / Photo

It was the WSOP atmosphere that inspired her to participate in the show "IS! Hollywood Hold’em", where she was a co -producer. It was an entertaining reality show where world celebrities were conducted at poker tournaments at home. The winner of each of them received $ 10,000.

The role of the presenter was invited by the famous professional player Phil Laaka. The right to spend the first game at home got it Laura Lauren. This show was also attended by Makoly Kalkin, Mila Kunis, Seth Green, Sarah Ryu and Andy Dick. During the show Laura Prepon received nickname "Red Dragon" because she could stand up for herself and beat others.