Queen of Beauty, Poker and Focuses: Incredible Melica Razavi – Photo

On WSOP 2020, which has recently ended in an online format to win gold champion bracelets managed by two women. And if the success of Kristen Blnel was not a surprise for anyone, because Canadian has long declared herself as a craftsman of the tournament poker, then the triumph.

At the same time, Malica success is not at all accidental, but the story behind him is striking. Razavi was born in Iran, where the conservative structure still significantly limits the opportunities for their own realization of women.

However, when Melica was 15 years old, her mother decided to immigrate to South Africa with her daughter and this event allowed her to make it possible that he could never become a reality in her homeland. She became a model and received several victories in beauty pageants. Subsequently, Iranka tried herself in "magic", Mastering the skills of the illusionist. On one of the magical shows, she was assisted by the legendary boxer of Pakkao, after which he barely stood on her feet:

But Power Melika was professionally engaged in 2017 and now tells that he just can’t live without this game. Iranka’s WSOP 2020 has not been noticed in Iranka, and she looked like a way to master all the Secrets of poker as quickly as possible. It is rumored that she meets with one of the most successful players of the present Belarus Nikita Bodyakovsky, behind which is almost 30 million winnings only in live tournaments only. So it is not surprising that Melica managed to beat the field of more than two thousand inputs and win 239 thousand dollars and a gold bracelet WSOP.

Razavi with Nikita Bodyakovsky / Photo: TritonPoker

Though Melika Razavi and pays a much attention to poker, yet only playing her life is not limited. She is now writing a book that hopes to inspire other women to succeed in life, no matter what conditions they have to start. Beyond that Melica is more than a successful Instablogger of over 500 million subscribers. And she did not say goodbye to his modeling career and here’s a few more evidence of this: