Incredible Hiro-Collete brought Patrick Antonius to the debut victory on Triton Poker

Having only a couple of doubles in his arms, Patrick Antonius found his courage to make a kol on the whole stack at the final table of the heyrolery tournament. This decision allowed him to double and finally get the main prize of $ 825,000.

At Cyprus, the most prestigious series of live tournaments with expensive contributions started – Triton Poker. The strongest and richest players in the world will play more than 10 tournaments with bay-in-yins ​​from $ 25,000 to $ 200,000.

In the first turbo-tournament series with bay-in $ 25,000 poker rich made as much as 131 entrance. Due to the fact that the level of the Blinds was 30 minutes, the depths in the stacks were not. The situation at the tables changed rapidly. For example, Paul Fua, who passed Chip leader on the second day, lost 3 distributions and flew in 16th place.

The distribution that determined the fate of the main trophy occurred in the 3-max. Fahrardin Mustafhov opened with a loaf with a hand 10-8s. Patrick Antonius decided to protect the big blind from J-2s.

Flop 7-2-6 Antonius waited with the least pair. Opponent put, Patrick – leveled. She came to Torne lady. Antonius additionally appeared flashdroot, he waited again, and Mustafov put a lot. Patrick spent almost 3 minutes and still supported the opponent’s bet. River – ace. For Fahredin – it was the perfect card. He put-alll-in.

Antonius thought seriously. Having spent all the time bank cards, after 6 minutes, Patrick managed to have an incredible kol with the weakest steam and revealed a bluff of the opponent by picking up a huge bank. Thanks to this distribution, the Finnish player became Chip-leader, and soon knocked out Steve O’Dweyer, and in Hedz-Apa he dealt with Fakoredin Mustfov for 3 distribution. Antonius caught from flop Street, while the Bulgarian player had an overspace and a flash drive.

For an experienced Patrick Antonius is the first won Hirolery tournament for 4 years. His prize for winning $ 825,000.