“King Game”: results of the first in the history of the chess and copper tournament

A tournament with an eloquent name "The game of kings" organized PokerMatch Ukraine and Team Ukraine. In two days, the participants played thousands of chess parties and poker distribution, and intrigue with respect to the winner of the tournament kept, literally, until the last.

As a result, the first place went to Grasmaster Alexander Shimanov. He coped brilliantly with his profile discipline, winning the chess stage of the competition and receiving 100 points there there. It was harder in Koner Shimanov and 5 points earned there for a general triumph. The first place brought Alexander not only a historical trophy "Games of kings", but also 70,000 hryvnias of prize.

The second and third place was shared by the winner of the poker stage Valentin Deynek and chess master Valery Sviridov, each scoring 100 points in the amount. They earned 42,500 UAH.

Returning to the winner of the tournament – Alexander Shimanov – young and talented grandmaster. As a part of the University national team won the US Championship. Alexander is also well acquainted with Power – he likes to play Omah and Chinese poker. Now in his collection of awards will also be a trophy of the historical chess and copper tournament.

Also note in the TOP-1 member of the national team of chess, Grasmaster Volodymyr Onishchuk, Grossmaster Georgy Arzumanan and experienced masters Alexei Mali and Dmitry Gorelov. Andrei Rozhko, who won trophies in the large online series of Pokermatch, was the.

I am glad that the chess players will be even more poker, ”says the ambassador of the tourna. – I can say that I am playing a lot on PokerMatch now, I like this platform and choosing games that are there. And the pointers now, sure, will play chess more often.

According to Natalia, the tournament accurately raised interest in both intellectual sports and such common events should become a good tradition.

We will definitely take into account all the points, analyze the results and make the next tournament even better. Chess and poker friendship must continue.

POKERMATCH Marketing Director Igor Terebin believes that the hype around the tournament has shown how much intellectual games in Ukraine are in demand and beyond.

For many it is not just entertainment. It is a large part of life that gives you the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of sports, our slogan in PokerMatch: "Poker is your sport", and we are glad to develop intellectual sport in the country in such joint projects.