Sluned from 1 chip and won 1,500,000 euros: incredible EPT Main Event Champion Champion

The Record Ept Main Event final table in Barcelona exceeded all expectations. Almost 12 hours of persistent struggle presented many interesting crash, part -time support for support groups and incredible cabecus of the winner that will remain in the history of poker forever.

Italian Juliano Bendinelli stood out at the final table for a direct broadcast viewers. He spoke more than others and had a very loud support group. It happened that Bendinelli was the first candidate for departure. He lost with his hand AQ in Ak, Left with a stack over 1 BB.

Next happened what poker fans like this game so much. Italian began to win every alll-in. His support group is crazy. Norwegian player Kaihan Mokri flew in 6th place, the fifth-chip leader of the initial stage of the final table Patrick Yarosh from the Czech Republic. Juliano Bendinelli Meanwhile only increased his stack.

Can’t believe that it happened today, on the most important day of my life. I will not remember that I was able to unwind from 1 BB before, – the Italian poker admitted.

In 3-max. Bendinelli offered a profitable option for everyone, but Frenchman Jimmy Gerrero believed he was trying to cheat. The game continued.

Only when Brazilian Costa’s Brazilian flew in 3rd place, the hedz-up participants agreed on the agreement. Bendinelli is guaranteed to receive 1,423 000 euros, gerrero – 1 250 000. On the fee left 68,000 euros. Three-hour hedz-up ended with crazy quarry in Fulle Hous in favor of Juliano Bendinelli, who became the champion of the main event of EPT in Barcelona.

Juliano Bendinelli with the EPT Champion / Photo PokerNews

Italian earned in the tournament nearly one and a half million euros. Interestingly, the prize of 31-year-old Bendinelli for his whole career before this victory was only $ 900,000. We will remind that the 48th place in the main event of EPT in Barcelona was taken by Ukrainian player Igor Yaroshevsky.