Star pointers were going to resolve the long -standing conflict on duel “

It all started three years ago. Then Negrean, thinking about the trends of online cover development, stated that raising rail in RUMUs is good for players. A regiment that has always been a very active participant in a poker community, made a ridicule of this expression everywhere.

It came to the fact that during one of the WSOP-2018 tournaments, on which the will of the Negrean Staff and the regiment were near one table, Dag wore a T-shirt with an inscription "More Rake Is Better", More than apparently trolling Daniel.

Not so long ago the regiment has decided to end his poker career and confrontation between the two went down to decline. However, the recent explosion of Negrean emotions during the stream we have already told you, could not leave Daga indifferent. He, of course, took the opportunity to slap over a Canadian and almost immediately offered to resolve an old conflict in the end.

The regiment challenged Daniel, stating that for the sake of such is ready to return to poker. Offers to arrange something like Galfond Challenge. Opponents would have to play a hedz-up 25,000 hands in unlimited Haldem, at the same time on four tables.

Such a leeks of Negrean however did not fit. He realizes that in the format of hedz-app and even online, he is significantly inferior to the shelf level of skill. Obviously, Daniel could agree to a duel in a living poison. So while the negotiations are ongoing, and bookmakers even take bet on whether such a duel will take place at least in some format.