Women, weapons and poker: Dan Bilzerian’s sins and passions

This enviable bachelor is called King Instagram, and his wealth is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars. Dan Bilzerian claims that his luxurious life is due primarily to poker, although for the general public at an oval table it rarely appears.


Deni Bilzerian 39 years but plunge into family life the multimillionaire is in no hurry. Still, the famous Gulvis monogamom is not interested in. Bilzerian enjoys a loud women’s society and is not ashamed to publish numerous photos with persons of the opposite sex in candid outfits. Dano has repeatedly attributed novels with famous models, but the relationship did not last long. In a huge estate in Los Angeles for $ 250 million do not subsides parties accompanied by numerous women’s escort.

Women Dan Bilzerian. Photo: Facebook.com


In 1999, Dan Bilzerian was trained in the elite unit of the US Navy, but did not complete his studies due to conflict with the older one. However, the love of military attributes, including weapons, the American has not gone anywhere. One of Bilzerian’s passions is the collecting weapons that he actively tests and demonstrates it to the general public. Dan owns arsenal that will envy the most popular weapons shops in the US.

Weapons Dan Bilzerian. Photo: Facebook.com


Dena Bilzerian’s poker career is shrouded. In the multimillionaire profile, only one get into the prizes in “living” tournaments-180th place on WSOP Main Event in 2009. However, according to Belzerian, it was poker who brought him the main profits. Like, he actively “punished” Celebretis in private and even underground cache game. And insiders associate Dan’s wealth with his father Paul Bilzerian, who, because of financial fraud and non -payment of taxes, even stayed in prison for two years. Rumored, the son of a financial scammer is actively laundering his father’s money and has a good percentage of this.

Dena Bilzerian’s poker career. Photo: Indulgexpress.com


At the age of 25, according to Dan Belzaryan he had 3 heart attacks in one day. Signs of a rampant life that was accompanied by the use of illegal drugs and alcohol were accompanied. Since then, Dan limits himself as bad habits and pays lion’s proportion of free time to sports. After all, it’s hard not to notice it while watching his social networks. Good physical shape in combination with excitement brings a good dividend. Once upon a time he was fighting a friend with a friend and a famous shower by White Perkins, who would take 48 hours on a bicycle from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Thanks to the tricks of the bilzerians overcome much faster, earning more than one million dollars. In the journey of Reter accompanied a van that defended him from a counter wind.

Passion for Dan Bilzerian’s sport. Photo: Facebook.com

Authority and popularity

In 2020, the number of Dan Bilzerian’s followers on Instagram exceeded 30 million. By its popularity, the young man will give a head start to many top stars of cinema screens and sports arena. Actually they are not missing in the circle of communication of Bilzerian. And what to say here, if Dan even with the President of the United States behaves.